PATI PATI CANDY…☆ オフィシャルサイト


* ◆ kanon (flavor muscat) final schedule

PATI PATI CANDY…☆ オフィシャルサイト

2021/08/21 14:30

◆ Kanon will be retired from the entertainment world, so the schedule below is the last chance to meet him.
* Please refrain from direct private questions such as medical conditions for kanon at the privilege party. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in creating an environment so that everyone who gathers there will be a place of memories where you can send out kanon with a pleasant feeling until the end.

[Kanon appearance event information ]
-------------------------------------------------- ---

◆ August 22 (Sun) OPEN 17:00 / START 17:30
Part 2: "Tengoku no Mon! 』\ * First and last kanon maid cosplay
Click here for details ⇒ * 22nd 12:00 sales page released

◆ 8/28 (Sat) OPEN 13 : 00 / START 13:30
Eccentric Tokyo (Pachican's first 15-person audience live)
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◆ 8/30 (Monday) OPEN 17:40 / START 18:00
Debut single "susume! / Knock-Knock" release commemorative event Click here for details ⇒
[How to participate in the event]
From 16:00 on the day of the event at HMV & BOOKS SHINSAI BASHI below
"Event admission ticket with reference number" on a first-come, first-served basis for customers who purchase (reserve) the target product
( 1 per person * There is a limit to the number of admissions)

  September 1st (Wednesday) OPEN 21: 00-21: 50
Shibuya Cross FM Tomidokoro Nozoki Dokoro
Assistant MC
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  September 5th (Sun)

mysta festa + in   Sanrio Puroland  
Part 1: OPEN 11:00 / START 11:30
Part 2: OPEN 15:15 / START 15:45 * kanon last performance
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With just a few more appearances left, kanon will be graduating.
Everyone, please come and see kanon.